Coach and Player Requirements

Below are the requirements for coaches and players. You must click the link to watch the videos or complete the forms and then follow the directions listed below for each section.

For Coaches

This is a 15 minute video regarding head concussions. Click on "launch course" to access the video. At the end is a certificate. You are to type your name in the certificate, print off and give to your district rep. This is good for 3 years.

Risk Management/Kid Safe
Type in any and all information needed for a background check. The league will contact your district rep if any issues arise. This has an expiration date. It is good for 3 years.

Lindsay's Law
Each coach must watch this video discussing cardiac arrest.

For Players

Lindsay's Law
A guardian for each player, must watch this video discussing cardiac arrest. Please print off the form, sign it, have your player sign it and give to your coach or District Rep. A player may not participate in any activity (practice or game) until this paper is signed and turned in.