About Us

As a non-profit/volunteer driven organization, our mission is to develop the mental, emotional and physical growth of our youth through the sport of soccer and to instill a lifelong passion and appreciation for the game.  Our commitment is to provide a soccer environment that is safe, positive, respectful, challenging and equal for all players to participate in regardless of previous experience.

We understand that we are only able to achieve our goals with the combined efforts of our board members, volunteers, coaches, families and players.  We rely on registration fees and profits from our concessions to facilitate payment of league fees, rental fees and athletic association fees as well as payment of referees and improvements to our fields and facilities.

If you would like to receive more information or to get involved with our organization by donating your time, services or supplies please contact Chris Puckett or Jessica Frey.

CNE Youth Soccer is affiliated with CCSA and CNEAA.