Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall 2017 Tournaments

What a season!!! Well done by all Rockets! Now unto tournaments. Fall tournaments are you lose 2, you are out. These begin Saturday October 14th. Finals are play on October 28th. All CCSA fields charge $1 for parking during tournaments and each team is responsible to buy team treats. Must be paid before each game. That is $10. Listed is where each are getting bracket will have their tournaments

Our u6 - CNE

Bu7 - Goshen
Bu8 - Batavia
Bu9 - Hamersville
Bu10 - CNE
Bu11 - Batavia
Bu12 - Felicity
Bu14 - Goshen

Gu7 - NEW Richmond
Gu8 - Bethel
Gu9 - Felicity
Gu10 - Hamersville
Gu11/12 - Bethel
Gu14 - Western Brown

All girls - Western Brown
All boys - New Richmond

Schedule for games will be posted later this week. Please be patient. Also, teams will work concession stand or parking lot for CNE. Please volunteer!! We have plenty of parents to help. No coach should have to assign volunteers. We can also use NJHS or NHS students. Thanks all!